Links to other forest products sites

One of the best links to links is Steve Shook's Directory of Forest Products

Another site with lots of links on it is the The forestry industry network

The World Timber Network is another pretty comprehensive collection of links.

The Iris Forest Products Directory is published by a competitor of ours, but they've got lot's of links.

The ForestNet page is put out by a couple of forestry magazines.

Forest Pro claims to be 'one of the leading indexes for the forest products industry's internet community' - translation 'It'll cost you $495 a year to get a link from us'.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Forest Products Page is a bit slanted towarde pulp and paper, but they have a lot of information.

The Pacific Northwest Forests Page has links to some interesting articles.

The Timber Web site is an english site with quite a bit of information and links.

O'Neill Pine Company is a small, family-owned timber company. OPC continues the successful heritage of one man with a dream to own his own business.


A more general resource is Accounting page, a comprehensive financial services web directory.

Here are some links to MicroConsulting's customers:

Buse Timber in Everett is one of our oldest customer's.

Georgia Pacific Corp. has four of our log systems in California and Oregon.