- Order numbers are SYSTEM-assigned, but you may change them.

- Customers are accessed by their customer number. If you can't remember

a customer number, you can find them by typing the first few letters of

their name. A help window will also list the names alphabetically.

- The customer's current exposure and credit line will be displayed when

you press a function key.

- Terms and billing address will be filled in by the SYSTEM from the

customer's file but may be changed on the order screen.

- The SYSTEM will list product information options in a list window when

a 'Help' key is pressed.

- You may enter volume on an order in board feet, pieces, or units

(slings). If a unit other than board feet is selected, the SYSTEM

automatically calculates and displays board feet for each entry.

- Each order may contain an unlimited number of items and volumes.

- Freight for an item may be charged per trip or per MBF.

- Destination, booking, vessel, and other comments may be entered with an


- A shipment date can be entered to determine when an order goes


- You may print an order when you enter the data or at any other time.

- A full screen editor is available to review and revise any portion of

the order data on file.

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