- Data entry screens with help windows allow easy input of production


- If bar codes are used, production and inventory are automatically

updated when tags are generated.

- Sawmill production may be tracked by cut number. If this system is

used in conjunction with the log inventory system, log usage can also

be attributed to a cut number and a report can be detail log usage for

lumber production.


- Lumber sizes may be entered in fractions or decimals.

- The SYSTEM can display cedar sizes in quarters, such as 4/4 or 5/4, if

the size corresponds to an even quarter inch.

- Block tallies are allowed if you enter the thickness of the stock along

with the height, width, and length of the unit.

- You may enter your production in board feet, pieces or units (slings).

If a unit other than board feet is selected, the SYSTEM will

automatically calculate and display board feet for each entry.

- Unit tags and bar code readers may be used to take physical


- Planer input and output may be recorded in pieces or by unit tags.

Planer input may also be entered in lineal feet.

- The SYSTEM will track planer production as surfaced, split, reman, and


- Four production centers (sawmill, stacker, kilns and planer) are pre-

defined in the SYSTEM. You may add any number of other production

centers and the SYSTEM will print production and trim-loss reports for

all of them.

- The SYSTEM can track downtime for any production center. A list of

user-entered downtime reasons may be maintained, broken down into

operational, mechanical and electrical categories.


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