- When you enter a shipment, the SYSTEM will request the order number.

The product descriptions from the order file will be displayed on the


- If bar codes are used, a tag is pulled from each unit as it is loaded

and the tags are read into the bill of lading program with a wand.

- If the product you are shipping is different from the product that was

ordered, you can modify the screen to correspond to the item shipped.

- The volume displayed on the screen will default to the volume on the


- Volume shipped may be entered in board feet, pieces or units.

- If you enter a bill of lading before its corresponding order, the

SYSTEM will generate the order from the bill of lading.

- The SYSTEM tracks a carrier for each bill of lading. If an external

carrier (not your mill's) is used, you may enter the name of that


- Destination, booking, and vessel (if applicable) default from the order

file but may be revised.

- Route, mark, and weight may be added for each bill of lading.

- You may tell the SYSTEM to print copies of a bill of lading when the

data is entered or at a later date.

- Once an order is marked complete, the SYSTEM will not allow you to make

any more shipments against that order.

- Shipping data may be revised at any time.


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