- Invoices may be printed on blank paper, on letterhead, or on a pre-

printed form.

- An invoice may cover up to 25 bills of lading. After entering the bill

of lading numbers to be included, the SYSTEM checks to make sure that

all bills of lading are for the same order, that none of the bills of

lading have been previously invoiced, and that the bill of lading

numbers are not duplicated.

- Prices and terms (from the order file) are displayed for possible


- If you specified terms for the invoice, the SYSTEM will calculate the

discount and date payment is due.

- A trim deduction may be added to the invoice in cases where the lengths

shipped are longer than the lengths ordered.

- Freight is displayed with the option to modify.

- A several manual adjustments (and a reason for the adjustment) may be

printed at the bottom of an invoice.

- You may also add comments to the invoice.

- If you coded an invoice as taxable, the correct amount of tax will be

added by the SYSTEM.

- Subtotals are displayed on the screen for your approval before an

invoice is printed.

- Invoice information can be written to an accounts receivable interface

file that may be uploaded into a Accounting system. All data in the

interface file may be edited prior to transfer.

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