List of Orders - This report has two parts. (Both may be limited to a

single customer.)

- The first part lists all delinquent orders, showing order number,

number of days late, the date the order was due, customer, product

description, and volume.

- The second part of the report lists the same information for

current orders, except number of days delinquent becomes number of

days before order is due.

Order Status Report - Displays volume ordered, shipments made on an

order and balance remaining to be shipped.

Production Reports - These reports cover sawmill, stacker, kiln and

planer production (plus optional production centers), deal with any

range of dates, and may be printed in summary or detail form.

Trim Loss Report - Displays trim loss by product and planer number.

May be separated by surfaced product, split product or reman.

Inventory Report - An item-by-item listing of products in inventory,

giving current volume on hand. Report lists each product group sorted

by thickness, width, and grade.

Unit Length and Grade Analysis - This report allows you to take a

detailed look at a specific portion of your inventory. The area viewed

may be very general or you may specify species, moisture content,

and/or surface. The SYSTEM will search the inventory for all matching

volume and produce an analysis of all grades and lengths on hand

(displayed in board feet and percent). For mills utilizing unit tags,

a listing of all applicable units is produced.

Product Availability Report - After you enter the product in question

(may be very broad in scope or very specific), the SYSTEM will display

the volume of that product in inventory, the volume on order, and the

volume available to sell.

Sales Analysis Report - This report allows you to analyze sales for any

range of dates. The analysis may zero in on a specific parameter, such

as species, grade, or surface, or may contain all categories within

some or all parameters. Individual invoices may be listed. Sales may

be broken down by market.

Production Forecasting - After you set up planer recovery tables, (the

SYSTEM will ask you the questions, you just fill in the blanks) the

SYSTEM will forecast the surfaced inventory to be expected from your

current rough inventory. All rough inventory or rough dry only may be


Inventory Variance Report - After a physical inventory has been

entered, a report will be available to display the variance between

physical and book inventories by size and length.

Uninvoiced Bills of Lading Report - After you specify the range of

dates you are interested in, this report will list all bills of lading

not invoiced during that time period.

Downtime Report - This report lists downtime by production center and

the reason for the downtime for the time period you specify.

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