Any data entered into the System may be revised or deleted. Listed below are some of the Utilities available:

Revise and/or Review Load Data

Revise and/or Review Log Data

Revise and/or Review Deck Data

Release holdbacks

Clear or Archive Files

Enter Cost or Volume Adjustments

Transfer volume between decks by parameters

Search for Duplicate Load Tickets

Search for Gaps in Load Ticket Sequence

Revise Load Payment Status and reset log costs

Review/Revise Check Register

Copy prices between vendors and brands

Tag summary: allows tags to be scanned and prints a sort/species/grade summary.

1099 forms: Creates a temporary file summarizing 1099 tax information which can be edited and used to print 1099 forms.

Setup Advances: sets up all information for an advance on a single screen and generates an adjustment in order to cut a check.

Month end closing: This function will flag the month as closed. No modifications will be allowed on transactions for a closed month unless over-ridden by the system administrator.

Indexing: for forest service sales - program will calculate indexes in the same way that the forest service does in order to compare your voucher against their invoice.

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