This system is designed to track the production, inventory and sales of logs and chips.

The system uses input from Scaling Bureaus, handheld computers, electronic weight scales and manual input to track logs from 'stump to dump'.

Contractors and log vendors may be paid by a variety of methods including: $/MBF Species/Grade, $/MBF Species/Length/Diameter/Sort/Minimum grade, $/MBF Sort, $/MBF camprun, $/Ton, $/BDU (bone dry unit - chips), $/BDT (bone dry ton - chips) and $/Load. Payment on a load may be split among up to four parties by percentage or any of the above payment methods. The system will print payment vouchers for each of the split payments.

Log sales can be priced by the same pricing methods as log production.

A detailed perpetual inventory is maintained by deck. It can track logs individually by log tag.

Over 100 reports can be used based on any range of dates and many other parameters.

Data can be exchanged electronically with other log systems and Government agencies.

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