System defaults: This screen defines the base wage rate, a swing shift and graveyard differential, and the current two week payroll period.

Areas: This screen defines the different work areas, such as 'Office' or 'Yard'. A flag defines whether wages from this area are included in the Wages section of the production report.

Departments: This screen defines the different departments within a particular area, such as 'Planer - trimmer' or 'Planer - Chopsaw'.

Jobs: This screen defines the different jobs recognized by the system. For each job there is a standard rate, a minimum rate, a shift, an earnings code (for tax purposes in accounting interface) and a department.

Employees: This screen defines employees. Each employee has a status (Active or Inactive), employee number, name, job, rate, shift, normal work days, a department and a shift length.

Absenteeism reasons: The screen defines possible reasons for absenteeism that are used on the time card entry screen.

System security: This screen defines which users have access to which functions in the payroll system.

Truck trips: This screen defines truck trips. Each trip has a code, a description, a regular rate and a pup and truck rate.

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