This program is designed to facilitate the entry of time cards. After defining a period, date, shift and area, the system automatically displays the time sheet for each employee working. The time sheet displays two weeks of entries at once. The allows an employee to work up to 10 different jobs in a particular shift, with different rates for each job. The rate for a particular job is defaulted to the rate for that job plus the shift differential. This rate may be overridden. If an employee works a job that pays less that his default rate, then he gets his default rate.

By pressing <F1> on a particular time entry, the default rate may be changed and a trucking trip may be selected from the trip table. By pressing <F2> on a particular date, an absenteeism reason may be selected from the absenteeism table, or a comment may be entered.

After completing entry of a particular shift/area, the system displays the total hours and employees entered as a data entry check.

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