Except for the Daily and Monthly Production reports, the reports supplied with the System may cover any range of dates. Volume purchased on short log scale will be reported on long log scale. Following is a brief description of the reports provided:

Daily production Report: Lists loads shipped by day for each day of the week by Sort and Vendor. Week-To-Date volume is accumulated in both tons and board feet. Price and cost is displayed for each Vendor.

Timber sale Activity Report: Summarizes production by week for up to five weeks. Cost and volume information is grouped by Timber sale and by Sort.

Period Load Summary: Displays volume and cost information for any range of dates, with subtotals by scale type and sort, for production and sales.

Log production by Species: Displays volume and cost information by Species for any range of dates.

Log production by Vendor/Brand/Species/Grade: Details production for one or all vendors, one or all brands by species/grade. Species are optionally summarized and grouped by the user defined species groups. Also called a 'Grade Analysis'.

Log production by Vendor: Displays average load size, # of loads, # of pieces, gross MBF, net MBF, average price, Cost and split payments by purchased log vendor. Also average length and diameter.

Timber sale Depletion Report: This report details estimated volume, gross MBF removed, net Mbf removed, remaining estimated volume, average price, and cost by species/timber sale. The report can optionally list activity for only a single brand on the sale. It can also optionally select sales by award date. There is also an option to use a species group table set up for the sale to combine species into groups.

Log Activity Report: Displays Volume and Dollars for Beginning Inventory, log production, Mill Consumption, Log Sales, Adjustments, Inventory Variances, and Ending Inventory for any range of dates.

Log Inventory Reports are available in five formats:

Summary form: Lists each Deck, displaying Volume and Cost in Tons and Board Feet. Also lists Beginning and Ending Dates for each Deck.

Species/Grade: Lists each Deck, displaying Species and Grade information.

By Vendor: Lists Cost and Volume data by Vendor for each Deck.

Length and Diameter: Displays a Length and Diameter Matrix of each Deck. Volume can be displayed in Board Feet, Pieces or Percent.

Species: Displays volume by Species, listing each deck containing a particular species and the first and last date logs of that species went into that deck.

Vendor Detail sheet: Lists prices set up for a particular vendor.

Ticket summary: lists all loads received in a range of dates including date, ticket, receipt, vendor, trucker, piece count, footage and brand.

Sales by species/Grade: lists sales volumes and values by species/grade. Volumes may be detailed by brand and/or destination.

Timber sale Value Summary: lists term date, bid rates, indexes, remaining volume, and remaining value by Timber sale/species.

Active Timber sales: lists Acct#, brand, Sales type, performance bond, award date, term date, bid rates, contract volume, current month cut, volume cut to date, remaining volume and logging season by timber sale.

Log Scale summary by brand by certificate: Summarizes volume by cert listing date, destination, loads, OSH, net merch, utility, forest service net, forest service subtractions and hardwoods.

Timber sales Cut out/Not closed: lists acct.#, sale type, performance bond, net contract volume, net merch cut out, net utility cut out, over/under volume, over/under %, date cut out.

Scaling costs: reports scaling costs for a selected bureau in a specified range of dates subtotaled by timber sale and separate subtotal administrative charges.

State forest excise tax report: for company timber sales only list volumes by forest service species group.

Sales by customer: lists G.L. account, Acct#, Customer name, Net Merch and dollars.

G.L. summary: In addition to Production, Cash Disbursements and Sales by G.L. account, the following accounts will be tracked: Administrative wages (net merch), Administrative wages - outside logging (net merch), Logs hauled by Company Trucks (gross), Logs hauled by outside truckers (gross), Gross Volume on Company sales and Gross volume on contract logging sales. A detail option will list transactions by voucher# and check#.

USFS Disposition: printed in the format requested by the forest service.

Washington State Disposition: printed in the format requested by the state.

Oregon severance tax report: This report is required by the Oregon department of revenue. The WOST rates are supplied by them on disk and loaded into the system.

Oregon permit summaries: Also required by the D.O.R. these reports summarize purchases and sales by timber permit number. The information is also written to a disk that is sent to them so they can load the information electronically.

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