Scale data for logs arriving in the log yard may be entered using the following procedures:

Scale ticket data may be manually typed into the system. Scale will be extended using scribner tables built into the system.

Bureau data may be received over a modem from the following scaling bureaus: Puget Sound, Pacific, Grays Harbor, Northwest Co-op, Columbia River, Yamhill, Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Scale data may be input from a hand held scaling computer.

Scale data may be received electronically from other Log systems.

All scale data is proofread by the System before data is permanently stored. This will ensure that data entered by the scalers will be understood by the System. Data may be revised by the user prior to processing.

Logs that are scaled and bought using short log scale will also be scaled by the system using long log scale.

A corrected Cert may be re-processed and it will automatically delete and replace the original cert.

A field on the manual load entry screen 'Number of loads' allows multiple loads to be entered at a time. The volume and weight entered is divided evenly among the number entered.

"Minimum sample base" defines the minimum number of scaled loads that must exist before sample scale is generated. Sample scale is calculated using a rolling sample of a minimum number of loads. The process uses all scaled loads in a week and looks back farther than that if the minimum number of loads were not scaled.

A simplified sample scaling method is also available that uses conversion factors to calculate volume for loads based on weight, without generating log by log detail. It is not necessary to sample any loads to use this method.

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