The following enhancements have been made to certain log systems. These changes can be incorporated into your log system. Call or Email us for an estimate of cost.

Date indexing: The system creates and updates an index of load dates. So that when you request a report for a particular range of dates, the program only has to search loads in that range of dates, instead of searching the entire load file. This significantly speeds up report printing.

Length/Diameter price index: This indexes prices for a particular species/grade/sort/length/diameter. This speeds up printing payment vouchers, printing sales invoices, proofreading and processing data.

Company logos: We can scan your logo, or create one for you. This can be printed on any report or document.

Increased lengths on length/diameter pricing: The number of length categories available can be increased from 10 to 19. This gives more flexibility for 'preferred lengths'.

Preferred length bonuses: This utility allow you to define certain preferred lengths and species. If the percentage of footage of preferred lengths meets the specified cut-off, a specified $/MBF bonus is added to their voucher.

Misman penalty/bonus: This utility allows you to define up to five percentages of mis-manned logs. For vendors with the misman penalty flag set, bonuses or penalties are calculated based on the percentage of mis-manned logs.
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